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The Writer’s Treasure Chest

Finally… An Ultimate Treasure Chest Full of Everything A Writer Could Ever Wish For…AND MORE!

Checklists, Cheatsheets, Worksheets, Writing Tips, Prompts, Generators, Articles, Resources, Tools, OH MY! 

Get the Writer’s Treasure Chest Here

PLUS – As The Cherry on Top,

You Get 3 Incredible Bonuses

Could This Be What You’ve Been Secretly Searching For To Help You Publish Your Writing, Grow Your Business, and Be Read By Thousands of People Every Day?

I’ve been down the same road.


Trying to write. Grow a business. Get people to actually read my stuff.


Having tried it all, I was beaten down and ready to throw in the towel.


Roadblocks were my constant reality.


Of course, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Something Happened that Changed
E V E R Y T H I N G . . .

They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to produce different results. Well… being a fairly sane person, I was out of fresh ideas. And nothing worked.

I was steps away from giving up.
But before I pulled the plug entirely…
After making so many calculated mistakes, I couldn’t believe I had stumbled on the answer.
These days, thanks to the treasure chest of tips, tools, checklists, cheatsheets, training, prompts and guidance you’re about to get, things have gotten much better…

and I know they will for you, too!

Hey there, I’m Joseph Michael and…

I’m most known as ‘The Scrivener Coach’ who helps people become world-class writers by mastering Scrivener. Through Learn Scrivener Fast and a multitude of other training programs I’ve helped even best-selling authors and full-time writers like Michael Hyatt and Joanna Penn create their best work. My specialty is helping writers discover untapped powers and hidden benefits, which is why writers like to say that I’m their secret weapon.


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