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Hello Community!

We set up this job request to help spread the word about our new layout and marketplace!

There are thousands of talented writers & authors that visit our site every single month! We know that some of these visitors are interested in turning their writing skills into cash…

So, we wanted to make it easy for you to do so right here on our site.  This week we launched a FREE freelance marketplace where service providers and people looking for those services can connect to get help with the projects they need to be done.

Who Is This Premium Marketplace For?

We are focused on serving the writing and self-publishing community, as well as anyone else that might need or be able to provide the services we are all looking for.

Here are some of the people that can either provide or benefit from services on our marketplace.

  • Writers looking for editing, cover design, or help marketing their book launch
  • Website owners looking for talented writers for quality content on their websites
  • Companies looking for design or content
  • Writers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Pros, and Website Developers looking to make extra money from home.

These are just some of the ways we see our new marketplace serving our community.  But really there is no limit to what the talented people on this site can help others accomplish.

If you would like to post a job/service to earn more money from home or post a request for a project you have in mind…

Join Our Marketplace Today for FREE!


Some Other Advantages Of Our Marketplace

  • Tap into an unlimited amount of talented writers for premium content
  • FREE to Join and Post
  • Set your own Price
  • Charge Premium Prices if Your worth it
  • Complete Review System to make sure you are working with quality providers

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Welcome to the Agency Team. We want to make it easier for writers to focus on writing, so we have put together a team of experts that specialize in various services that you may need along the way, so you can do what you do best- write. We continue to build out our site agency offerings to help expand the services you can get fulfilled on Our site's goal is to help writers and other service providers use their skills to make money from home and