If you are like most serious writers, then you probably spend a substantial part of your day using Scrivener or you are looking to start using it more. Buy Scrivener 3 Here, and out why it’s the best writing software for writers here. In this article, we review the premiere Scriviner course on the marketing: Learn Scrivener Fast.

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You almost certainly fall into a large group of those same writers that know Scrivener offers a ton of features that can help them with their author journey but still have no clue how to actually use them.

On this page, we will review the best Scrivener course on the planet and show you how it can help you learn Scrivener faster than you ever imagined.

Let’s start by answering the basic question, in case that’s all you want to know.  What is the best Scrivener course you can take to learn how to use all of its features? The best Scrivener 3.0 course available is Learn Scrivener Fast by Joseph Michael as it offers an updated curriculum that is easy to follow, allows you to master all the features of the software at a level that is tailored to your needs.

Watch a quick intro video from Joseph Michael Below.

In the remainder of this Learn Scrivener Fast Review, we will break down why this should be the course you choose if you are looking to master the program and up your productivity.

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Why Do You Need A Course To Learn Scrivener?

Before I go deeper into the Learn Scrivener Fast review I wanted to ask this common question.  Many of you might be asking yourself do you really need a course to learn Scrivener? It Depends.

Well, my answer to this question may sound like kind of a cop out, but it’s the truth.  I think you can learn to use Scrivener without a course by either trial and error, or by surfing the internet and youtube to find the answers to your question. So technically you don’t need a course to use Scrivener.

But…the question should really be how would I benefit from taking a course on Scrivener.  That is where I think the value of a course like Learn Scrivener Fast becomes universal for just about everyone.

Most writers struggle to find time to write, and when we do we want to get as many words down on paper as possible. Which means we want to use our tools as efficiently as possible to maximize your productivity.

Mastering Scrivener will allow you to use more of its functionality, which inturn will allow you to create better stories, faster. Taking a course like Learn Scrivener Fast will let you accelerate that learning curve so you spend less time trying to figure out your writing software and more time writing.

So I think if you are a writer that matches any of the descriptions below, then you could benefit from taking a Scrivener course.

  • Not a natural techie
  • Limited to the basic features of Scrivener
  • Don’t fully know or understand Scrivener’s functionality
  • Don’t have time to piecemeal your Scrivener education
  • Want to Master the Software and Get Writing
  • Need to up your word count or productivity
  • Would like to take outlining and book planning digital

Are There Different Student Levels Available in the Learn Scrivener Fast Course?

One of the things I like best about the Learn Scrivener Fast course is that it offers multiple learning levels, so you can tailor your level of learning to your needs.  That is a big thing, most online courses come in a one size fits all, or they offer expense private coaching if you don’t want the basic online course load.

But Learn Scrivener Fast offers 3 different course levels to choose from. Student, RockStar, and Ninja.

Learn Scrivener Fast 3 Levels

Learn Scrivener Fast Testimonials & Reviews

I always think it’s helpful to share some additional testimonials whenever possible. So in this section, I want to share some video and written testimonials and reviews from other people so you don’t have to take our word on the Learn Scrivener Fast course.

Video testimonial from Sonia Gill: 

Here is a testimonial from Joanna Penn from the Creative Penn who is probably no stranger to most of writing and self-publishing community.

“The Learn Scrivener Fast program is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to Scrivener, with short, actionable videos that will help you write more efficiently as well as publish more easily. There are tips and tricks for the newbie and the more experienced, I’m learning so much and I’ve been using Scrivener for years.” – Joanna Penn J.F.Penn, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, www.JFPenn.com

Here is one from Michael Hyatt

“This is awesome! I love Joseph’s training style. I highly recommend the Learn Scrivener Fast program! VERY well done and so worth it.” – Michael Hyatt

Another testimonial

“I wanted to get up to speed with Scrivener NOW, and Joseph delivered. You’re never farther away from a new skill than a couple of minutes. It’s brilliant! The course is far and away one of the best applied courses I’ve seen anywhere.” – Joel Friedlander

Another Learn Scrivener Fast Student Review:

“I used Scrivener a couple years ago but didn’t get mastery. Thanks to these tutorials I’m off and running now. This is going to help me push further ahead on my book project!”- Curt Rice

What Does The Learn Scrivener Fast Curriculum Include?

Student Level:

Here is what you get with the Learn Scrivener Fast Student Level Membership.

  • 30 HD Writing Backgrounds
  • Top 75 Tools & Resources For Ultimate Productivity & Creativity
  • [MODULE 1] Step-By-Step Basics (32 videos) – Designed in Short Bite Size Chunks to Maximize Learning and Time.

Rockstar Level:

In the Rockstar Learn Scrivener Fast Learning Level You get everything mentioned above in the Student Level, Plus:

  • [MODULE 2] Ninja Tips & Tricks (25 videos)
  • [MODULE 3] Scrivener For Blogging (13 videos)
  • [MODULE 4] Work Smarter (18 videos)
  • [MODULE 5] Easy Ebooks (12 videos)
  • 8 Scrivener Power Templates: Each one of this ‘Power Templates’ is already created for you. Everything from the toolbar to the corkboard is ready for you the moment you fire up Scrivener, without you having to think or do any of the work.
  • [WORKFLOW] Using Scrivener With An Editor (Custom Built For Michael Hyatt) $97 value
  • [WORKFLOW] Using Scrivener with Critique Partners, Collaborators, and Virtual Assistants

Ninja Level

With the highest level of Learn Scrivener Fast, the Ninja Level, you get everything mentioned above in the first two course levels plus:

  • Private Fb Group (Community)
  • Behind The Scenes Expert Series (4 Videos)

    IN THIS 4-PART TRAINING TRAINING SERIES, YOU’LL LEARN: Behind The Scenes from 4 Experts – Joanna Penn, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, and Tim Grahl

    • How you can use Scrivener without getting bogged down and getting frustrated, wake up and feel EXCITED to write. How much more writing would you get done if you didn’t have to force yourself to write?
    • How to structure and organize a fiction book. (You’ll get to see a best-seller work in progress)
    • Why copywriters are claiming Scrivener as the perfect writing tool (and how beginners can write pro-level sales copy without years of experience)
    • How nonfiction and fiction writers can utilize Evernote & Scrivener to create the ultimate writing machine (Hint: your work will get finished in half the time with this one special hack)
  • Downloadable HD Videos (for offline viewing)

Other Resources To Help You Learn More About How to Use Scrivener More Efficiently

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