We are really excited to announce the new redesign and SelfPublishingHub.com services marketplace which is aimed at helping writers & authors find help with important aspects of their self-publishing journey. We also hope it helps writers and freelancers earn extra money from home.

We also recognize that with any new design or feature there is a need for education so people know how to use these features. So in this article, we will explain how you can request service in our market place.

How to Post a Job/Service Request on Our Market Place.

Step 1: Once You’ve Created A FREE account- Select “My Account”

Step 1: Select My Account on Top Menu

Step 2: Select “Requests” On the Next Screen

Step 2: Click on Requests

Step 3: Select “Post a New Request”

Step 3: Click “Post a New Request”

Step 4: Enter the Required Information on Each Page

Step 4: Enter the required information

Step 5: At the bottom of each page- Select “Next Step”

Step 6: Once You Finish: Your Request Will Get Reviewed & Published

We hope this tutorial will help our new users post the job & service requests they need at the budgets they have available. You will then get proposals from qualified freelance service providers to help you find your best option.

We will continue to build out these how-to articles to make navigating our new site easier.