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Many writers take National Novel Writing Month as an opportunity to finally write their novel. The Goal of NANOWRIMO is to write your book or at least hit a 50,000-word count goal in 30 days by writing every day.

Since the point of this blog is to help aspiring writers, I thought it would be helpful to chronical two young writers as they go through NANOWRIMO for the first time.

To help this happen, we have partnered up with the girls from Roomies Writing and they have agreed to create a daily video talking about their experience in NANOWRIMO.

We hope this helps inspire other writers to pursue their writing goals, while also helping these two writers stay accountable during National Novel Writing Month.

Day 1 of NANOWRIMO- Intro to Roomies Writing

Here is the first video in our NANOWRIMO 30 Day Writing VLOG. In this video, you get to meet the two YA writers that are attempting to complete National Novel Writing Month.

Day 2: Update on NANOWRIMO GOALS

In this video, the girls give a two-minute update on how their writing goals have started off.


Day 4: of Nanowrimo VLOG Update