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Step 8: Creating Great Content for Your Author Blog or Website

This part should come naturally to you since you have one advantage over every other type of site owner. You’re a Writer!  So I’m not definitely not going to try to tell you what makes good writing.  But I will try to give you some pointers when it comes to creating content from a Search Engine Prospective or attracting more visitors to your website.

So think of this page as some Best practices you should keep in mind when adding content to your site.

Tips for creating great content on your Author site.

  • Always remember what the goal of your article is before you start to outline or write it. There are a lot of different purposes to a piece of content on your website. Blog posts can accomplish more than one objective, but it’s important to remember what your main goal is so you can stay true to that as you add content. Three main goals for any piece of blog content you write and add to your site:
    • Entertainment or Information for your Readers
    • Sell something: IE. Your Books
    • Add Subscribers to Your Email List

  • When it comes to Search Engines- Longer Content is better.  Don’t write fluff, but the days of ranking #1 for a search term with 300 words of content is pretty much dead.  So write long useful content that provides value and you should be in a good spot.
  • When you are writing content that you want to be discovered organically in search engines, make sure you think about what the person would be typing into google to find your potential content.
    • The easy way to do this is simply going to google and start typing your main search term and then hit space and add different letters.  The Google autocomplete will help you find new searches you can answer.
    • Add your target keyword in your post title, and into your SEO plugin, it will prompt you to add certain things to your article to give you better on-page SEO.
  • Think about shareable content, and create some lists or content that are shareable, this is a great way to have your content shared on Pinterest and other social media sites, to generate more visits.
  • Publish Content consistently: Keep your content updated to keep your site relevant in Google and with your readers.
  • Use your blog to expand your book universe or character backstory. Readers can get sucked into your new world, and if you can provide them more content into a world or character they already love, this can be a great way to keep a book series alive between series. Or prop up sales for a longer period of time.
  • Make sure you have a call to action on every post!- This can be something like,  get a free Prequel of my book series by joining my email list.  Or head over to Amazon now to preorder my next book! But if you don’t ask you won’t get!