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 Story Element # 5: Style

Next, we will talk about the writing style you choose to use in your novel.

What is the definition of “Style” as an Element of Fiction?

What is the definition of Style? The style is the writer’s voice. It’s important because it’s what makes each author stand apart from one another. So think about style as how an author chooses their words (diction) and arranges them in larger units of text (syntax) all to explore their meaning.

Elements that go into your style are:

  • word choice (diction)
  • syntax (arrangement of words)
  • and tone.

Why is the “Style” element important?

Your style not only represents your voice as a writer but also reveals a lot about your story and characters. Choices in style like accent and dialect help reveal a lot about the story.

You can reveal character intelligence and create your own little flavor to the story all through style. The style will help you create the underlying drama or humor in your piece.

What can a writer accomplish by mastering the use of Style?

As a writer, your style can be considered your calling card of sorts. If your voice resonates with readers you will transform fans of a given character or story to fans of yours.

Once you build a readership that obsesses with your writing style they will be likely to follow you into every new novel or series your imagination can muster. If your style really hits home, you have the potential to steal readers across different genres if that’s something you decide to do.